How To Become An Affiliate

What's is Affiliate

Affiliate is an acting online agent for a branding. What the affiliate do is to help the agent recruit more potential member to become their downline  and earn commission based on either the downline's turnover or win/lose, based on the agent's affiliate settings.

How to become an affiliate and recruit downline

In GoodGame, all member can become an affiliate and recruit downline to earn commission.

1. Visit your Member's profile and go to "Affiliate" tab.
      Pic 1: Member's Affiliate Tab

2. Invite your friend to join as your downline via the method below

    i. Insert your "Referral Code" during registration
          Pic 2: Member's referral code

    ii. Share your referral link to your social media account, your friends that join you via the link will be automatically become your downline.
        Pic 3: Referral Link

            Pic 4: Share to social media

    iii. Sent your QR Code to your friend or via ads to recruit downline.

3. Before you starts your recruitment, we would advise you to understand the rules by reading the Terms & Condition frist.
      Pic 5: Affiliate Terms & Condition

4. You can understand how your commmision is calculated and check your commission from the Affiliate page.
      Pic 6: Affiliate commission calculation

      Pic 7: Affiliate commission information

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