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7/21/2021 9:39:44 AM

What is rollover or turnover in online casino

Indonesia Online casino is one of the favorite recreational options of players. With the exciting games, players have the opportunity to win profits and enjoy the fun at the same time. However, there are some things that all online casino players need to know. This is important information especially to those who are new to the realm of online casinos. Today, let's talk about what it means to rollover and turn over in online casinos.

What Is Rollover Or Turnover?

Before you register or play with any online casino, rollover or turnover rate is something that you will often encounter. For those who are new, maybe the words rollover and turnover sort of are very complicated. Let us give you a simple and easy to understand explanation.

Rollover / Turnover, also known as betting condition, is a condition that will always be found in any online casino. The rollover condition states that you must wager a certain amount before you can withdraw the bonus or bonus proceeds. The rollover condition ensures that players have to wager a certain amount of their initial deposit before they can withdraw any winnings without penalty.

Let us give you a simple example:

If an online casino has a rollover rate of 2x it means that the player has to place a total of 2x the initial deposit amount before he can cashout all the winnings. In this case, suppose that your initial deposit is RM500, double that is RM1000.

However, this does not mean that you must spend RM1000. Each round of the game you play, you can choose to put the amount you want. In all those rounds, you may have wins and losses. If you are lucky, you can qualify for a rollover by using the winning amount without directly touching your deposit. If the cumulative bet amount is RM1000, you can withdraw all your winnings or deposits without any penalty.

Before you register, you should first check what the rollover rate is and whether it includes the credit bonus amount. For example, you top up RM500 and there is a 50% credit bonus of RM250. You have a total of RM750. If the 2x rollover rate includes the bonus credit, this means you need to have a cumulative bet of RM1500 instead of RM1000.

Why Rollover / Turnover In Online Casinos?

Most online casinos offer topup bonuses or free credits, especially to new players. This rollover condition will help to protect the casino so that no player registers, earns bonus credit, and continues to withdraw all of that money. In the absence of this requirement, most online casinos will close or go bankrupt if there are players with such a bad heart.

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